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Friday, July 3, 2020 7:23:03 PM

How-To Reduce The Cost OF BEING A MODERN WebMASTER or ISP.

Typically, Webmaster's want to maximize revenues while minimizing cost and providing website services to customers is one way to do that. However, for Webmaster's or ISP's that also provide hosting, one undesirable side effect is hardware cost, which is also a recurring expense. Web Design Automation technology allows Webmasters and ISP's to eliminate hardware cost as WDA platforms can run in any Public Cloud in a fairly autonomous way. This means that you can install WDA compliant software like The SoNET Web Engine onto a public cloud like Azure and once setup there is no other maintenance or administration required. This can not be said for any other platform as they must all be patched and administered manually.

Another source of reduced performance comes into play once a Webmaster or ISP that relies on a legacy Content Management System becomes successful. The issue in particular is that each website they create on those platforms adds to their administrative burden, which reduces the amount of time left for other activities. The only way to push back the workload is to add more people to divide the workload between. Web Design Automation software is truly Do-It-Yourself in that ALL site owners have full control of their websites without any interaction from any additional "admin".

The two topics above cover the major "pain points" for modern Webmaster's and ISP's. Both of these problems are solved with Web Design Automation technology like The SoNET Web Engine, the worlds first and best WDA platform.