Web Design Automation

"The automated creation of dynamic websites that include fully functional data driven structures and presentation services."

In 2007 iRadek Software deployed The SoNET Web Engine v2.0 onto the Internet and made its capabilities available to the general public. Capable of generating over 300,000 dynamic, rich media websites per hour, per server and harnessing the power of proprietary Web Design Automation® (WDA) technology, this was a defining moment that changed the world. Now, this type of technology is ubiquitous and global. Today the direct result of that innovation is that people expect to be able to create a website in minutes, with nothing more than a click and nearly every large web service organization on Earth uses some analogous version of this technology to service the public demand.

About WDA.

Web Design Automation removes the need for manual development (coding) or the performance of the underlying task (example: database development and administration) associated with publishing websites onto a network, public or private. In short, the task that used to be necessary to build and publish a dynamic website or build a social network of dynamic profiles or micro-sites are automated in WDA software. WDA software also provides built in and instant hosting for any sites generated by such software or hardware. All genuine WDA software can be installed locally to a single computer (example: a standard notebook/laptop or desktop computer) as well as to a typical Web Server on the Internet or an Intranet. WDA software is orders of magnitude faster than any other method for creating websites or even entire Social Networks. Current (2007) generation capabilities exceed 300,000 wph (Websites Per Hour, per install instance).

Administrative input by individual site users is typical to that expected of a normal website (website owner) administrator or Webmaster. Any database dependent functionalities needed by any generated websites are automatically created and the ability to turn on or off any data reliant feature or presentation mechanism requires no more than a setting change in the administration panel. This avoids the "Increasing Management Burden" associated with typical Web Content Management Systems, wherein one Webmaster/Administrator administrates multiple websites up until the point where they can no longer provide quality service levels to their bottom or mid-tier accounts, due to a lack of time. This newer method available via WDA technology has removed this well known administrative bottleneck that has been responsible for billions of lost productivity hours. People simply serve themselves on WDA platforms.

Analyst estimate that there will be over 3 Billion websites created between 2010 and the year 2025. More than 80% are expected to be built by novice webmasters using some form of automation.

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web design automation

WDA does not negate the need for Webmasters, developers, graphic artist, web designers, programmers nor database specialist et al. Web Design Automation is primarily meant to service the vast and overwhelming majority of the needs of the general public in regards to creating and publishing websites and social networks onto the Internet, quickly.


300,000+ Fast Websites Per Hour, Per Server.
Top tier site performance.


Rich Media + Social functionality.
Feature packed websites.


No  Open Source "hacks and cracks".
Vetted technology.

Web Service Consumers

"We tried other providers but nothing produced the bottom line cash in the bank results that LPK7 websites have for us in the over 45 Years we have been in business." - Sargents Maytag, Reno NV.

Sargents Maytag of Reno Nevada is the oldest Maytag Appliance dealer in the Western United States and generated themselves several new websites to help power their business into the future. They simply visited a service provider called LPK7.com and served themselves after spending over $25,000 USD with a typical web services provider that did not use Web Design Automation technology. The result was that their old sites were too slow and ungainly to rank in Google and too complicated to be used for eCommerce by customers.

Web Service PRovideRS

"We are the #1 Instant Website Maker. We have users in every known country. None of this would have been possible for a startup outside of Silicon Valley without Web Design Automation." - LPK7.com

LPK7.com is a web service provider not affiliated with any of the dominant technology firms in the sector. They did not ave any investment backers nor any of the typical technological infrastructure required to start a web service organization. The only thing they had at the beginning was a few domain names and a dream to help consumers create websites without a webmaster or the associated delays and expenses. Today they are one of the top instant website builders online and are able to offer services to users everywhere.


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