Web Design Automation

The eVolution Of Website Design, The Future Of An Industry.

The automated creation of dynamic websites that include fully functional data driven structures and presentation services.

What is your website supposed to do for you and why isn't it doing that now?

1. Reduce Cost. Your website should reduce your marketing cost not increase it. If you rank number one for your specific search terms on Google (actual rank), you do not need as much visibility everywhere else which means you should be spending less on advertising. Ranking for mobile searches on Google is the dominant factor in gaining visibility as of 2020. If you use Adwords you will pay more for ads if the page the ad points to can't achieve high quality scores (7 or above). Lastly if your cost of acquisition for a useful website with all the functionality you need to rank is prohibitive, or takes too long to build, then your problems start to stack up. Your competition simply gets the job done before you.

Web Design Automation is by far the fastest and most economical way to create websites that can achieve high quality scores according to Google because they are created and ready to use in seconds with the needed functionality already onboard. There are no upgrades, patches or additional modules to make it all work and no webmaster or developer to wait on.

2. Increase Revenues. Your website should increase your income not add to your cost of customer acquisition. If your website is fast and complete it can become a viable "answer" to a search query. If it can do that, your message has a chance to compel a visitor to take an action step in your favor, like making a purchase. If your site also supports secure eCommerce wherein the code used to create the payment integration is not Open Source and the payments are collected by one of the major processors via a secure hosted form, then you can win online by selling to more people with less effort. WDA technology allows the instant creation of fast and secure websites to handle eCommerce task safely and in line with PCI SAQ-A requirements.

There are many facets to the above but below the explanation has been reduced to the desired outcomes.

Performance – vs - “Payformance”

A website that looks wonderful but doesn't rank is fairly useless and that is where most people find their issue, which is that they paid all this money for a website that looks great but for some reason doesn't  actually get leads or make money. On top of that most people using Google advertising have to pay a lot of money to get any leads due to poor quality scores, from their great "looking" websites.

If you are using Google to run advertising then you can lower your cost by increasing your site speed, ease of use, original and on topic content and site security. This means that you need to score A+ ratings on Seoptimer.com or there is still work to do and a Web Design Automation generated site can help in all but a few corner cases. WDA generated sites can allow you to get high quality scores (above 7) with less work.

High Performance Website

  • Fast
  • Usable
  • Informative
  • Secure
  • Low Marketing Cost

    • Instant Savings
    • More Profit
    • Less Stress
    • Business Growth Opportunities
  • Low Performance Website
    • Slow
    • Complex
    • Unoriginal
    • Vulnerable
  • High Marketing Cost

    • Reduces ROI
    • Reduces Growth Potential
    • Waste Money
    • Increases Stress


The service provider site shown in the graphic below uses Web Design Automation to achieve perfect usability scores which help it dominate the search and get the maximum views from searchers which leads to people making purchases at a higher rate. Google counts multiple things when it determines if a site has high "usability" or not, speed is just one consideration but the way in which the site is "coded" also has a huge part in their considerations. Non Web Design Automation platforms have issues with the sites that can be created in terms of usability and this has a direct impact on the end result. Simple things like having lengthy drop down menu's and difficult navigation schemes are actually big issues. A good rule of thumb for any evaluation is to see if your service provider themselves have high performance scores because if they cant even fix their own website it is unlikely they can help you immaterial of how much you pay them, #FactsCount.

CARING ABOUT THE WRONG THINGS. "hits" -VS- "unique visitors".

You need unique visitors who come to your website via searches for the specific things you offer or sell. Reasons you want those "uniques" are that they usually represent different people who are in the discovery phase and the specific search they performed resulted in your site being selected, so you can satisfy their query. The Internet has lots of search spiders crawling it and lots of traffic scammers producing worthless hits so if someone is hyping up how many hits you are getting, watch out.

The direct results of unique visitors can be seen below. SargentsOutlet.com averages individual eCommerce sales of over $800.00 USD per occurrence (ticket price average). They are generating those sales from around 250 unique visitors per day on just that site. They get many more "hits" but that is NOT what is important at all. If you want to actually pull down unique visitors who are in the active discovery mode of the buying process then you need a website that allows that to happen for you and Google doesn't reward slow sites that look nice but don't actually provide useful answers to a searchers queries or sites with poor usability.

If you want real results, real savings, real leads and a real chance at winning online then simply fill in the form below and schedule a call with one of our guides and they will help you to rank, sell and survive online by using a Web Design Automation platform instead of whatever you use now that is not working for you. There is no faster or more economical way to create high performance websites and that has not changed since 2007.

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