Web Design Automation

The eVolution Of Website Design, The Future Of An Industry.

The automated creation of dynamic websites that include fully functional data driven structures and presentation services.

Websites and Social Networks created by Web Design Automation® (WDA) compliant software do not require manual development (coding) nor the performance of the underlying task (example: database administration) associated with publishing websites onto a network, public or private. In short, the task that used to be necessary to build and publish a dynamic website or build a social network of dynamic profiles or micro-sites are automated in WDA software. WDA software also provides built in and instant hosting for any sites generated by such software or hardware. All WDA software can be installed locally to a single computer (example: standard notebook/laptop computer) as well as to a typical Web Server on the Internet or an Intranet. WDA software is also orders of magnitude faster than any other method for creating websites or entire Social Networks. Current generation capabilities exceed 300,000 wph (Websites Per Hour, per install instance). This technology was invented by and first released commercially in "The SoNET Web Engine" in 2007, by iRadek Software, which is also the owner of the registered mark.

Administrative input by individual site users is typical to that which a normal website (website owner) administrator would encounter. Any database dependent functionalities needed by any created websites are automatically generated and the ability to turn on or off any data reliant feature or presentation mechanism requires no more than a setting change in the administration panel. This all avoids the increasing management burden associated with the previous generation of Content Management Systems and such, wherein one Webmaster/Administrator would have to administrate multiple websites. This newer method available via WDA technology has removed the well known administrative bottle-neck which has been responsible for billions of lost productivity hours waiting for Webmaster task (like content updates) to be completed.

Analyst estimate that there will be over 2 Billion websites created between 2007 and the year 2020. More than 80% are expected to be built by novice webmasters using some form of automation.

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